Professional cabinet plate information
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Nowadays, people's consumer minds are younger as they age. When faced with decoration, there must be no shortage of mix and match styles, fashion styles, and special decorations. Then the selection of the cabinet plate will also affect the overall function of the cabinet. Now we will introduce the cabinet plate to you for reference.

1, solid wood materials Solid wood door leaf frame is generally solid wood, door core in order to ensure no cracking, deformation, the choice of medium density wood paste, solid wood door selection of this process without the use of all solid wood, precisely to ensure the quality, wood itself contains Must be water, if you use all wood to make the door, it will inevitably lead to deformation. However, according to industry insiders, although the solid wood door panel is suitable for classically decorated kitchens, it is highly visible. However, almost none of the domestically produced solid wood door sashes can be cracked, because the domestic production equipment and processing technology bases do not meet the requirements. If we must choose, Italy, Spain's imported solid wood door skills pass, but the price is quite expensive.

2, fire board is the most cost-effective. Among the six kinds of doors, the fire prevention board is the most cost-effective and is the best type of care, suitable for ordinary families. From the market share, it also has a dominant position. This kind of door panel is characterized by wear-resistance, high-temperature resistance, anti-saturation, and easy cleaning. It conforms to the requirements of the cabinets and is used in the special environment of the kitchen. It also combines the development trend of combining beautiful and practical cabinets. It is understood that fire prevention boards from different places of origin have different qualities. The United States produced the thickest fire board, South Korea and Japan took the second place, and the thinnest made in China. Because of the different thickness, the final product had a greater distance in visual function, wear resistance and impact function. Therefore, when consumers select the door of fireproof materials, they must ask about the origin of the plate.

3, paint information Painted door most visual aesthetic. Lower than the price of solid wood, but more levels than the fire board is the paint door. The substrate is medium density board. Through milling and baking treatment, the board is very colorful, visual impact is strong, and waterproof function is good, it is easy to clean. The appearance of the painted door leaf is divided into single-sided paint and double-sided paint. If one-sided paint treatment is used, the moisture resistance of the door panel is relatively poor, and it is easy to deform. However, the disadvantage of the paint is the high level of the craftsmanship, and the high scrap rate, so the price is high; when it is used, it must be carefully guarded. For fear of bumps and scratches, it is difficult to repair it once it is damaged. Relatively speaking, the blister board material uses a seamless PVC film compression molding process, rich in color, realistic wood grain, no cracking and deformation, resistance to scratch, heat, fade resistance, is the most sophisticated cabinet information, and daily Protection is simple. However, the domestic PVC plastic blister door panel is very closed, and the German high-gloss and South Korea matt blister door panels are very popular. The users are mostly young high-class consumers seeking fashion.

4, metal material metal texture fan avant-garde new favorite. The metal texture door panel is now the most prevalent kitchen material in Europe. The boldness of the avant-garde is very characteristic and contemporary, and Shenzhen's shopping malls are now able to see stainless steel improved products nearby. In the summer, the calming qualities of the metal door leaves cool the day in the kitchen. This door also has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and simple daily protection, easy to organize, long life. High-grade metal door panels are increasingly becoming the new darling of international cabinet door panels. However, its shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, expensive, suitable for the pursuit of synchronization with the international super-premium decoration, and ordinary consumers missed.