About us

Foshan XinYijia Kitchen cabinet is a brand enterprise that mainly focuses on R & D and production of high-end cabinets. It has a leading cabinet product line and advanced equipment imported from Germany, and its manufacturing experience of rich cabinet products has become a typical example in the cabinet industry. Based on the market, Gu Jia has been having a number of top R & D talents to lead the new trend of the market with super product R & D ability.

Since its inception, solid family hard, hard work. "Excellent quality, shouldering the sacred mission of the enterprise, great virtue carries happiness with it" over the years, always adhere to the innovation and development, adhere to the direction of primary health, green, environmental protection cabinets as brand development. With many years of brand influence, strong international R & D team, low carbon environmental protection and high quality products, the core competitiveness of the product has been achieved. Gu Jia not only becomes the pronoun of high-end cabinet products, but also means a new consumption experience and service feeling, and represents the pioneer and leader of cabinet culture revolution. Let life come to nature and enjoy romance, comfort, fashion and health. Solid family, perfect life care, original design, supreme taste, create a fashion model.