Stainless steel cabinet as a whole classification and price details
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Kitchen furniture, cabinets, what classification? Cabinets based on different materials, the main cabinets cabinet materials, panel materials and countertops materials several. According to the shape of cabinets divided into a font cabinets, L-shaped cabinets, U-shaped cabinets, island-shaped cabinets and so on. The detailed cabinet classification and cabinet purchase content is as follows.

First, the material classification Cabinets Shop the primary task is to look at materials, including the cabinet cabinet materials, panel materials and countertops materials, according to their own home style, the function of the need to choose a reasonable material is necessary.

1, cabinet panel material classification In the cabinet material classification, the main cabinet, cabinet doors, hardware, countertops marble, electrical five categories. The kitchen cabinet materials generally include: solid wood panels, particleboard, MDF, moisture-proof panels; door cabinet categories are: solid wood panels, plastic panels, paint panels, UV panels, double decorative panels, carbon light door, fine Steel door panels.

2, the advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet panel Solid wood board: made of solid wood, decorative effect is good, durable and beautiful and expensive, to be regular maintenance, high-grade home improvement. Fire board type: a wide range of applications, bright color, edge-sealing style and diverse, wear-resistant high temperature scratch resistant easy deformation and bending, easy degumming cracking, suitable for ordinary families. Molded board: rich colors, realistic wood, non-cracking deformation is not high temperature resistance, the theme can not be too long or easy to deform, suitable for regular care of the kitchen home use. Paint board: bright color, easy to clean high level of technology requirements, high rejection rate, fear of bump, damage is difficult to repair, suitable for the maintenance of careful kitchen. Crystal plate: bright surface, reasonably priced abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and other poor, prolonged heat will change color, not the ideal material cabinet doors. Love family board: the surface is smooth, not easy to deformation, bright color, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant style is relatively simple, suitable for the cabinet panel style less demanding family. Six different cabinet panels have their own advantages and disadvantages, consumers need to pay attention to see when shopping for all kinds of features, select the actual situation for their own home materials.

3, countertops material classification The cabinet construction and access to our most intimate food contact is the countertops. The durability and antibacterial properties of the countertops have a direct impact on our daily lives. More and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the environmental and hygiene issues of countertops. Cabinets countertops can be divided into artificial stone countertops, fire board countertops, stainless steel countertops and marble countertops.

4, the advantages and disadvantages of countertops Artificial stone countertops: man-made stone by adding artificial fibers made of high temperature and pressure made of colorful, surface pores, with strong stain resistance, acid and corrosion resistance, wear resistance, easy to clean high prices . Fire-resistant board countertops: MDF board, decorative fire board colorful and diverse, fire, moisture, oil, acid and alkali, high temperature, easy to clean easily eroded by water and dampness, improper use of degumming, deformation. Stainless steel countertops: stainless steel is durable, but also easier to clean, less practical changes, style limitations, improper handling of the corner easily hurt. Marble: Marble texture hard, scratch-resistant, good wear resistance, beautiful texture easy to accumulate grease, easy to breed bacteria bacteria, prone to cracks. Four kinds of material table has its own point, according to the different materials, the price is also significantly different, according to the actual situation of the material is the most clever choice.

Second, the difference between the different shapes cabinets Second, when choosing cabinets depends on the layout, not all the kitchen can choose the same cabinets, cabinets are divided into several general, a font, L-shaped, U-shaped and island-shaped cabinets. When choosing a cabinet, the owner should have some knowledge of the space available for the various cabinets in order to buy the desirable cabinets.

1, a word cabinet A word cabinet is all the appliances and cabinets are placed along a wall, the work is always on the line. This compact and effective narrow kitchen design is suitable for small and medium-sized families or for just one person working in the kitchen at the same time. If you use this design in a big kitchen, it may cause too much distance between different functions. Can consider the use of double row wall cabinets or increase the wall high cabinet to maximize the use of wall space.

2, L-shaped cabinets L-shaped kitchen is a practical kitchen design, is also the most common kitchen design, is ideal for small spaces. Dividing the working area between walls connected on two sides in this way gives the ideal working triangle. Stoves, sinks, sterilizer and refrigerator, with worktops between each workstation to prevent spills and overcrowded items.

3, U-shaped U-shaped kitchen cabinets convenient access to each item, you can maximize the use of space for cooking and storage, two people can easily in the kitchen at ease. But the U-shaped kitchen is only suitable for large kitchen. Avoid the intersection of operating surface set, so that two people can work comfortably at the same time, will not collide. Two rows of cabinets should be spaced at least 120cm apart to ensure that there is enough space.

4, the island-shaped cabinetry Taiwan-shaped kitchen has more operation table and storage space, easy for people to work in the kitchen at the same time. If required, a sink or oven / hob can be installed on the kitchen island. Before deciding, check to see if it is possible to connect the kitchen island cooker hoods, electrical circuits and ventilation ducts and to ensure that there is a worktop between the cooktop and the sink. This design requires a lot of kitchen space. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen island at least 120cm distance between to ensure that there is sufficient movement and cabinet doors, drawers open space. Kitchen island can also be used as serving, bar table or room partition.

Third, select the size of the cabinet to choose When looking at the selection of cabinets in addition to see the material and style, but also size, the size of the general cabinet are provided, but if there are special needs, you can make the cabinet business to build special size cabinets. 1, the most reasonable size cabinets Kitchen design is the most basic concept of "triangular workspace", so the sink, refrigerator and hob must be placed in the appropriate location, the most ideal is a triangle. In the beginning of the design work, the best approach is based on your daily "cooking process" as the basis for the design. The layout of the kitchen is arranged along the lines of storage and preparation of food, washing and cooking. A triangle should be formed along the three main appliances, the stove, the refrigerator and the sink. In the architectural design terminology, this is called the Design Triangle, because these three functions often work together, so placing the most appropriate distance saves time and effort.

2, cabinet height to see the size of the table height according to the height of the human body to set the height of the cabinet to fit the most commonly used kitchen height is appropriate. Table height 80 to 85 cm; table and hanging from the bottom of the cabinet about 50 ~ 60 cm distance; and put the eyes stove stove top preferably no more than 60 cm. Kitchen countertops should be designed according to different work areas as different height. Some of the lower table position will be better, if you like to do noodles, then the noodles used to make the console can reduce the height of 10 cm. However, in the design of cabinets can not unduly pursue the level of change, especially in smaller kitchen, too many changes will affect the overall appearance.

3, the cabinet size University asked the cabinet depth range is 30 to 40 cm, hanging door handle to facilitate the most users of the height, and easy to take place is best used to place the common items. Most of the early kitchen hanging cabinet to accommodate the height of the kitchen ceiling, often resulting in inconvenience to the user, regardless of the height of the kitchen kitchen design, completely customized according to the user's height, can be truly "people-oriented" modernization.

4, the width of the distance There is stress on the edge of the cabinet to the wall or the cupboard should leave room for traffic between the distance adjusted to 76 to 91 cm is more reasonable, so that users take and place food will not be too close or too far in the When turning around it will not seem too cramped. The location of the pool may be regulated by drainage pipes, plumbing fixtures, etc. For ease of use, efficient use of space, reduce the reciprocation, it is recommended to store vegetables in boxes, knives, detergents, etc. to the pool as the center on both sides of the stove to leave enough space to facilitate the placement of pots, shovels, plates, plates , Bowls and other appliances. In addition, between the sink and the stove to maintain a certain distance, usually 8 to 10 cm, so after washing the vegetables can be convenient to cook immediately.

Fourth, the cabinet quality inspection methods The quality of the cabinet need to see the buyer personally to the scene or hands-on inspection, through some small steps and tricks, will see the quality of the cabinet there is a problem.

1, cabinets to buy to see the workmanship of the cabinet is mainly engaged in such as the plate material with a small chipping edge, which can reflect the sawing is imported, how the quality; such as the edge of the adhesive is solid, trim is smooth and mellow, which Can reflect the presence or absence of import edge banding machine, there is no automatic tracking trimming function; such as the hinge opening is smooth, which can reflect whether the hinge machine, such as the door, drawer opening and closing is lightweight and smooth, which reflects the hinges, tracks Quality, such as the flatness of the board, the smoothness of the table and so on.

2, check the sealing cabinet edge sealing process is very important, to use imported edge banding machine, but also with imported hot melt adhesive, so as to play the role of plate sealing. Pace Di Xiaobian remind you that the right side of the edge sealing method is the edge of the edge of the side panels, the thickness of more than 1 mm as well.

3, to see the door hinge cabinet to withstand the test is the hinge. It not only to the cabinet and the door to the exact convergence, but also to withstand the weight of the door alone, and must maintain the same consistency of the door arrangement, or after a period of time, you may move forward together, slip shoulder loss. The drawer in the design, the most important part is the slide rail, due to the special circumstances of the kitchen, low quality slide even if the short-term feel good, the longer the time you will find sliding phenomenon. Well-known brands of cabinets manufacturers generally use better quality slide

4, choose the cabinet to see the material The price of cabinets constitute a more complex, cabinet material, table top, different hardware, the price gap is larger, so understanding some of the necessary knowledge of the cabinet is necessary. Different materials from the overall impact of the use of cabinets and durability, so cabinets of materials carefully selected for their own use.

5, to see the after-sales service Cabinets industry as a natural material-based custom materials industry, the product has its own characteristics, sales and has its own special sales processes and service processes. Cabinets product sales greater flexibility, longer service life, product service has become an important factor affecting consumer choice, in order to meet consumer demand for services, and now the Chinese cabinet industry more and more emphasis on after-sales service Promotion and promotion of brand image.

Fifth, the cabinet price calculation Cabinets also see the purchase price, different calculations, the price of cabinets are different, with the cabinet below to see what the common calculation, and how consumers should buy .

1, according to the law meter extension meter method according to the total price of kitchen cabinet: If the kitchen to be customized 3-meter cabinets, according to the unit by the rice price multiplied by 3 meters, if 2000 yuan / Yanmi, 3 Yanmi overall cabinet The price is 6,000 yuan. However, this approach is not uniform standards.

2, the cabinet method of pricing This pricing is the cabinet, cabinet doors, hardware as a whole count, in each style as a unit, can be considered fixed pricing, countertops other. Cabinet pricing method is the so-called by a separate cabinet to count. This algorithm is the price of three sets of base cabinet + two sets of hanging cabinet prices. For example, a group of base cabinet price of 2,000 yuan, a group of 2,000 yuan; two sets of hanging cabinet price of 800 yuan, two sets of hanging cabinet for 1,600 yuan, then the whole cabinet plus the total price of 3,600 yuan.

3, the overall method of law refers to the price of a whole set of cabinets. This method is simple, but also eliminates the time of purchase, many of the extra time for the valuation, the plain price. However, this method also receives a number of limitations. First, this method of calculation limits the size of the cabinet. Second, it is limited because of different material prices. Therefore easy to lose the cabinet personality, difficult to customize according to their needs. This calculation is generally rare in the market. Cabinet valuation tips: What is Yanmi? The extension of meters is the abbreviation of extension meters. The actual dimensions of extension meters depend on the unit of measure. The extension of 1 meter may be 1 meter, 10 meters or 100 meters. The structure of cabinets can be properly adjusted within each range of meters. Such as: Kitchen need to do 3 meters to the cabinet and 1 meter of the cabinet, designer word 3 meters on the cabinet structure design. The overall cabinet price = 1 Yanmi cabinet price x3 m +1 Yanmi hanging cabinet price x1 m.