Franchise advantage

Join Advantage
  • 01


    Technological advantage

    All imported equipment is used to ensure that products are in line with international standards. A large number of industry production and R & D talents are introduced into the industry. They are the first to introduce new ideas, new processes and new materials. They are famous for their exquisite industrial processes, with humanized design elements and leading position in the industry.

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    Popularizing advantage

    The national media advertising will create momentum for dealers and conduct omni-directional media publicity with electronic advertising, print advertising, new media, Internet advertising, public channels and so on.

  • 03


    Advantage of origin

    Foshan, the domestic production base industry, has a strong industry group and information group location advantage, sharing the international and domestic customer resources

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    Product advantage

    A variety of colors and the collocation of stainless steel process, break the limitation of the single, the product is more abundant, more flexible, personalized demand, high-quality white-collar price, Jinling enjoy. The mainstream core product, the German shift door - the fifth generation door plate

  • 05


    Technological advantages

    The original board is processed by large equipment and laser cutting machine, and various styles are processed. The surface is painted by environmentally friendly coatings, and then processed by advanced technology. The surface is processed by 13 processes. Finally, the products are colorful and full with high temperature.

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    Terminal advantage

    With high grade Home Furnishing, allows you to experience the high quality life, has a set of successful business methods let you solid stainless steel cabinet home a tiger with wings added, living museum experience, let you enjoy the Le Louvre Museum enjoy seven star

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    Policy advantage

    Store decoration, advertising, annual turnover rebate rebate rebate incentive policy, have participated in the training, travel reward double to meet the needs of dealers

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    Service advantage

    Solid stainless steel cabinet allows dealers to design the installation effect, 24 hours and 400 telephone customer service, dealers enjoy manufacturers to promote electricity supplier, in the local area in the region to online orders when dealers all worry free, to help dealers to expand residential, home improvement, public installation, hardcover, cross industry alliance, bargain etc.

Franchise conditions

Join condition
  • ONE. Expect partners

    1, to understand and trust Pesti, to reach a high degree of consensus in the management concept and development ideas;
    2. Be familiar with the local market and have better social and industrial resources.
    3, have a certain economic strength, have good store position and can set up the operation team.
    4, dedicated to the overall home business entrepreneurial enthusiasm;
    5, there is a correct cognition and full psychological preparation for the dual nature of investment risk and income.
    6. It has legal person qualification or legal management qualification, partners not more than 2 people, and clear their respective responsibilities;

  • TWO. Staffing:

    1、Shopping guide: good image, good expression, strong communication ability
    2、Designer: college degree or above, computer application, understand AutoCAD, a certain basis for interior design, To our training performance to meet the requirements to get the license, if not up to the requirements is not to get the license and to replace the designer
    3、The installer, the junior high school above, has the certain communication ability, has the carpenter foundation better

  • THREE、Storefront requirements:

    1、Store area: according to the type of product, More than 80 square cabinet shop
    2、Store position:
        a、Professional building materials commercial stores in the region
        b、Comprehensive building materials commercial stores
        c、The building material of the brand is a street
        d、Professional home decoration market
        e、An independent store suitable for the sale of the cabinet

  • 1Preliminary process

    Company introduction, joining conditions, methods and requirements, visit the exhibition hall

  • 2Application of intention

    Guiding intention to join in the market survey and plan

  • 3Agent selection

    Whether the negotiation meets the standard of joining

  • 4Market survey

    A survey of market conditions, competitors and so on

  • 5Intention to sign

    Pay deposit, submit storefront plan, personnel training application

  • 6Company review

    Does it meet the requirements, whether the personnel are in place, and whether the funds are in place

  • 7Sign a cooperation agreement

    The two parties sign a distribution agreement

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